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As a newly established specialist ortho practice, offering both NHS treatment for children and a wide range of private brace options for adults, the aim was to increase private income significantly and develop a sustainable growth plan that would enable the practice to both increase its capacity and staff support and invest for the future.

Smile Marketing was approached to help the practice build it’s referral from GDPs as well as generate adult patients


Following the development of a robust marketing strategy and plan, Smile Marketing helped the Principal and his team to build the patient base in three ways. Firstly, to generate awareness for Sunlight Orthodontics in the local catchment area and the range of teeth straightening options available (from fixed and ceramic braces to Invisalign and lingual braces), secondly to invite and encourage general dentists to refer patients to a specialist orthodontist and thirdly to offer optional, affordable private brace treatments to children, a solution to offer an alternative to fixed, metal “train tracks” and to ‘fast track’ their treatment given the NHS waiting list.

For each strategy, a range of measures and tactical activities were implemented, with the careful monitoring of each.

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